I Don’t think I am able to! 

You must be thinking, how is this possible?

Well, many homeowners and first timers, with little or no cash top up, have come to me with the same concern as the above. They were uncertain, not knowing how or what to do. Upon meeting with them and assessing their current financial situations, I was able to set up an Asset Progression plan for many of them.

If You are wondering, am I able to get hold of a private condo or own a 2nd property like how it worked for these customers, well, here is one scenario for you:

Mr. & Mrs. Tee, a couple in their 30’s who owned a BTO flat, would like to upgrade to a Private Condo but realized they have very limited cash. They thought their case was hopeless & gave up on the plan to upgrade. When their friend introduced them to me, they were rather skeptical. But after going through two sessions with me, they discovered that they did not only have the ability to upgrade to a private condo but also had the means to own a second property. They were grateful to their friend who had arranged for the meeting session. For you, do you find yourself in a similar situation as the couple above? If you do and would like to do something to begin your investment lifestyle, why not give me a call today?

Is there a Need to own an Extra Property?

Every customer of mine would like to see their property portfolio grow. But many clients that I had come across did not know the 'important' action they must take till I met them. Many of them thought that the matter was too stressful or they could not stretch their finances that thin. After having a session with me, many were surprised they could move ahead with a plan, and more importantly, they could own something they could afford without stretching their pockets.

Do you know that a passive investor who owns a 2nd property and leases it out for $2,500 a month will have a passive saving income of $63,000 after 3 years?
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Many of my clients have successfully

  • Acquired a second property with profitable results & positive rental yields.

  • Taken the right steps to own a private property or a second property with minimum cash top up.

  • Achieved a constant steady stream of Passive Income Each & Every Month

Many of my customers have done it. Would you like to join them and discover how you can start building your property assets?

Our Main Aim here is to assist customer to Build Passive Income with little or no Cash Top Up

Discover the tools that may work for you

✓  3 Important Steps That Have Proven To Work For All My Clients In Owning Their Next Home/ 2nd Private Property With Low Cash or Zero Cash Top Up.

✓  Realise Your “True” Financial Status & How you can change it.

✓ How to zoom in on profitable and undervalued property and Gear Up Your Property, as well as what to do to Enhance your property value.

Testimonials & Examples

- Peter & Ni Ai

Wesley is a trustworthy and patient consultant who has helped us a great deal in the purchase of our first property. We were pretty new to the property market then and knew nothing about asset progression when we started house searching. When we met Wesley, he showed us the steps that were needed to be carried out. We got our ideal property which fit our needs through him. Besides being a responsive and pleasant guy to work with, he also possessed the necessary knowledge and negotiation skills with the ability to anticipate and handle any issues that came along. He is someone we strongly believed in and we would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to own a property.  

Before meeting Wesley, we were staying in a 5 room HDB flat and were eager to buy a condo and upgrade our house but we were not sure how to go about it.  We were worried about our finances and the 7% ABSD for our 2nd purchase.

Upon meeting Wesley, he told us to act quickly and he gave us examples.  He showed us charts and facts to explain why this is a good time to own property. He shared how we could profit from the market over the next few years to come and what actions we needed to take. Once he explained our finances and what we needed to commit to, in terms of financing, he showed us how we could own a 2nd property with an 80% loan.

Wesley also helped us to discover different developments that would suit our needs and expectations.  He then went through everything that needed to be done. To help us further, he negotiated the selling and purchasing costs so we could afford to own the 2nd property without going beyond our means. We were so happy for having Wesley with us through the entire process and assisted us in getting passive income from our properties and create a wealth asset plan for our children. We believe his sincerity and motivation to assist his clients would help many people like us.

- Marcus & Doreen (customers)

If you are wondering how this can be done, below is a quick example

Heard of the 80/20 rule?

In principle, 80% of our activities create 20% of our results and vice versa. The same goes for the entire world. Only 20% of the population owns 80% of the world’s wealth.

Would you like to be in the 20% bracket? Or would you rather remain in the group of people who are insecure, fearful, barely surviving, playing it safe,  just getting by and settling for less?  If you want to move forward and would like to see a constant passive income over the next few years to come, take the next step now!